MICE : Meeting Incentive Congress, Events

“ Professionals' experience leads to your events’ success ”

Why Marrakesh ?

Multiple exotic landscapes : mountains, beaches from both sides Atlantic and Mediterannean oceans, desert , sahra, ancestral culture… only three hours flight maximum from the most European capital . Warm and sunny weather most of the year and very pleasant especially in fall.

Competitive rates

Seminar competitive packages in the most high standard 5* hotels holding more than 1000 rooms of which 600 rooms and other of 400 rooms next to each others with 03 conference centers

3 Conference and seminar centers

hébergement du séminaires au maroc
organisation du séminaires au maroc

Now available , each conference center with an auditorium of 1500 seats . Besides, several other small rooms from 20 to 50 persons in addition to all technical equipment

Team building activities

A big choice of multiple visits, excursions and team building activities whether in the palm grove or in the butresses of the Atlas . Departure from Marrakesh.


Famous cuisine all over the world , more tasty different dishes , a warm atmosphere whether be in a palace like a thousand and one nights or in a Frensh , Italian Or Brazilian restaurants

More Buses and cars

Choose between a limousine Mercedes , minivan or a big coach 48 seats with a driver multilingual, we can surely satisfy your needs and remain at your total disposal

Our added value is based on the strenght of experience

  • Updated knowlege of Mice product «  meeting, Incentives, congress and events » all over Morocco
  • Exchanging and updating information thanks to new cooperation with new markets :
  • A wide selected network of customers with whom our travel agency signed conventions for the insurance, success and monotoring to your events.
  • Rigorous preparation, negociations, transparency, implementation and monotoring of your events to develop a real relationship team’s spirit with our customers to give them the freedom discuss and express their wishes for the success of their events and total satisfaction..
  • A professional team with the entire listenings, creativity and flexibility offer an approach built on years of experience in which Global International Tours have acquired a perfect mastery of all aspects of business
  • An elaborated original concept replying to all your recommendations
  • Though we are based in the heart of the MICE : Marrakesh , we do operate and master your events all over Morocco