Morocco - an unforgettable holiday destination

Gateway to Africa, both to the West of the Orient and beginning of the Orient for westerners, just a few miles from Europe, a bridge between the New World and the East, Morocco has been enriched by its strategic position.

Two seas lap its shores, the Atlantic to the West and the Mediterranean to the North, while Nature has made of Morocco one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

There is a huge variety of climates, vegetation and landscape. The High Atlas capped in eternal snows while just a few dozen miles away oases offer refreshing shade to travellers passing through the desert. This desert reaches the shores of the Atlantic to the South while to the North it extends to the fertile and productive plateaux of the Middle Atlas.

Fes city

The oldest of the four imperial cities‚ Fez is the cultural‚ intellectual‚ gastronomic and spiritual capital of Morocco‚ and the site of the first great university‚ even before the establishment of universities in Oxford and Paris.

There is a huge medina or old city‚ the largest in the kingdom‚ a maze of winding narrow streets whose only traffic is men and donkeys. There is an astonishing atmosphere and a constant hubbub from sunrise to sunset as all craftsmen from all the different trades and guild imaginable carry out their work. 

Marrakech city

The most famous of the four imperial cities‚ Marrakesh is a must. It has been called the red city and the desert pearl; it links north and south and is the gateway to the Atlas Mountains and behind them the desert. 

Marrakesh is a gem of a city‚ clasped in its setting of palm groves‚ protected by encircling ochre walls‚ ravishing in the liquid orange light of sunset.

Tangier city

Tangiers‚ the white city‚ is the gateway to the continent of Africa. Tangiers is cosmopolitan‚ legendary‚ full of smugglers.

Tangiers is a town in the form of an amphitheatre‚ set around the bay that saw the departure of the Duke of York and his fleet‚ setting off to seize 'New Amsterdam from the Dutch‚ renaming it New York; Tangiers and its medina have cast their spell over so many artists. Paul Bowles‚ who came to write 'Tea in the Sahara'‚ is perhaps one of the most loyal; others who have been inspired by this strange and fascinating town include Jack Kerouac‚ Jean genet‚ Delacroix‚ Matisse‚ Bacon and many more.

Essaouira city

Perched on the very edge of the Atlantic‚ Essaouira‚ or Mogador as it was known to Portuguese sailors‚ holds memories of daring deeds on the high seas inside it encircling walls. Nowadays‚ it is a haven of blue and white peacefulness‚ but in years gone by‚ it was a source of purple dye for the whole known world. The dye came from shellfish on the islets that lie of the coast - now these islands are a nature reserve and home to the rare Eleanor's falcon.


Agadir city

Beautiful sandy beaches‚ practically guaranteed sunshine‚ excellent hotels‚ this is the beach resort par excellence for Moroccans and visitors alike. Agadir is the dream destination for anyone looking for winter sunshine. Agadir‚ whose name means communal fortified granary‚ is the capital of the Souss region. It was entirely rebuilt after the devastating earthquake in 1960‚ and now offers all the pleasures of a top-class seaside resort. It is set in a splendid bay‚ rimmed with a beach of fine sand‚ on which you can walk‚ ride‚ practise watersports or simply relax.


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