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On the trail of andalousia in morocco

7-nights coach tour‚ full board in four star hotels. Arriving/departing Fez. A trip conceived to get to know the richness of the arabo Andalusian art‚ ever-present in the North of Morocco‚ from Tangier to Rabat‚ passing past Fez and Tetouan. During these few days you will have the chance to discover how the Muslims expelled from Spain developed and enriched from time to time their Andalusian art in their host country : Morocco. The 8-day tour in full-board in four star hotels is realized with a luxury air-conditioned tourism coach‚ with the guidance of a tour guide. Arriving/departing Fez.

Day 1: Fez

Arrival at Fez airport‚ personal welcome with complimentary roses for the ladies‚ transfer to the hotel for dinner and overnight accommodation.

Day 2: Fez

After breakfast‚ the forenoon is spent exploring the medieval medina of "Fez el Bali" and its famous "Andalusian area"‚ established during the ninth century by more than one thousand Muslim families expelled from Spain. We visit the medersa Attarine‚ the square and the fountain Nejjarine‚ the well-known Karaouine Mosque‚ the souks of the tanners and dyers and the Fassi workshops.

We take our lunch in an Arabi-Andalusian palace in the heart of the medina‚ then we visit the medersa Bouannania before leaving the medina to do a tour of the ramparts. We come to a halt on the Northern fortress where we have an amazing seeing on the medina‚ then we visit the potters' neighbourhood and we keep going around the ramparts. We stop to the Merinide tombs and take time to admire the unforgettable seeing we have on the white city.

Opportunity to visit the Dar Adiel Museum with its exhibition of Andalusian musical instruments‚ by request. Dinner and overnight accommodation at the hotel.

Day 3: Fez - Chefchaouen (290 km)

After breakfast‚ we take the road towards the holy city of Chefchaouen‚ which counts more than twenty mosques and shrines. The city was grounded in the purpose of protecting the population against the Portuguese and Spanish persecutions.

We visit the old medina and its casbah‚ the fountainhead Ras el Maa‚ the waterfalls surrounding Cherafat Mosque‚ the pine-trees forest of Telassemtane‚ the grotto of Toughoubit. We rise the precipitous streets up to Jemaa El Kebir mosque and its well-known octagonal minaret and we take a walk in the street and have a look to the nice little houses painted blue‚ green and white‚ to finish with a tour in the souks.Installation at the hotel for dinner and overnight accommodation.

Day 4: Chefchaouen - Tetouan - Tangier (120 km)

After breakfast‚ we set off towards Tetouan‚ "the daughter of Grenada"‚ characterized by its Andalusian military architecture bound to protect the city from the Portuguese who had occupied at that time all the coastal cities‚ also called the fortified towns (Safi‚ Essaouira‚ El Jadida‚...). After having lunch‚ we set off for Tangier. We enjoy a quiet afternoon of idleness and profit the hotel‚ before taking a walk on the ledge‚ ideal place to have a drink or eat an ice-cream while admiring the beautiful seeing on the sea.

Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight accommodation.

Day 5 : Tangier

After breakfast‚ we go for an historical tour of Tangier: Square of France‚ well-known for its famous Grand Café de Paris‚ square of Grand Socco and its market‚ square of Casbah and the incontrovertible octagonal minaret of the Casbah mosque‚ the Hafa Café‚ Marshan neighbourhood‚ Roman tombs‚ the Great Mosque‚ the church.

We take our lunch before going to the Spartel Cape and its beaches with fine sand‚ and Hercules’ grotto. Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight accommodation. 

Day 6: Tangier - Asilah - Rabat (280 km)

After breakfast‚ we go to the little coastal city of Asilah‚ city of fishermen‚ famous for its sea-salt. The city was invaded by the Portuguese during the 15th century‚ then by the Spanish a century later‚ before being reconquered by the sultan Moulay Ismaïl in the 17e century. We visit the old medina with its white houses‚ its ramparts‚ Bab Homar with its escutcheon to the colours of the King of Portugal‚ relic of the bustling past of the city.

We have lunch‚ and then we take the road towards Rabat. Released time at the hotel‚ dinner and overnight. 

Day 7: Rabat - Meknes- Fez (200 km)

After breakfast‚ we visit the medina of Rabat‚ its ramparts‚ its unfinished Mosque (Tower Hassan II). We take our lunch here before setting off for Meknes‚ the "Ismailian capital"‚ a listed UNESCO World Heritage site. We visit the medina and begin with the most beautiful gate in Morocco‚ Bab el Mansour‚ before going to Dar Jamaï Palace‚ which used to be the residence of the vizier. Then we go and visit the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismaïl‚ one of the rare Moroccan mosques to be opened to non-Muslims.

We visit the huge stables of Moulay Ismaïl‚ Dar el Ma ("the house of water") and the wells‚ and the basin of Agdal. After a snack‚ we take the road towards Fez‚ where we have to expect a late arrival. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 8: Return

Breakfast‚ transfer to the airport for the return flight and help with boarding formalities.




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On the trail of Andalousia in Morocco

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