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Journey to the heart of the moroccan dynasties

To the Heart of the Moroccan Dynasties - The Imperial Cities.

Discover the former capitals of the Moroccan dynasties‚ all of which still have a ’medina’ - old towns that allow visitors to step back into history. The tour is undertaken in a luxury‚ air-conditioned car and is fully escorted by an accompanying guide.Eight-day tour on bed & Breakfast in four star hotels - arriving/departing Marrakesh.

Day 1 : Marrakesh - Arrival

Arrival at Marrakesh Menara airport -  personal welcome and complimentary roses for the ladies‚ transfer to the hotel for  Free dinner and overnight accommodation.

Day 2 : Marrakech - Casablanca (238 km)

After breakfast‚ then  set off for Casablanca‚ the white city. We have a sight-seeing tour of the city‚ visiting the ravishing Habbous district and travelling along the famous corniche before having free lunch at a restaurant overlooking the sea. Then return to the esplanade of the famous Hassan II mosque‚ which is the tallest religious building in the world and a marvellous technical achievement and fruit of the labour of more than 10‚000 craftsmen. There is an optional visit to the 200m tall  minaret. 

Free dinner and overnight accommodation in the hotel.

Day 3 : Casablanca - Rabat - Meknes - Fez (255 km)

After breakfast‚ departurefor Rabat‚ an imperial city and capital of the Kingdom of the Cheriffs.

Visit the Hassan Tower‚ the mausoleum of King Mohamed V‚ the Chellah necropolis‚ the Oudaya casaba and the Mechouar before continuing on to Meknes.

We stop to visit the Ismailian capital‚ town of Moulay Ismail‚ with time to see the famous gates‚ Bab El Mansour and Bab El Khemis and the mausoleum of Moulay Ismail.

After refreshments‚ departureagain for Fez‚ arriving there late in the evening.  Free dinner and overnight accommodation at a hotel

Day 4 : Fez : Historical visit

After breakfast we spend the day exploring the cultural‚ spiritual and gastronomic capital of the Kingdom. We begin by immersing ourselves in the Old City‚ which is the largest medina in Morocco.

We visit the Merdersa Attarine‚ the Nejjarine fountain and square‚ the famous Karaouine mosque‚ the bazaars‚ the tanneries and dyeworks‚ and the workshops of the craftsmen of Fez.

We have free lunch in Fez in a Moorish Palace with time to visit the Bouannania merdersa before leaving the Old City to take a tour of the ramparts‚ stopping at the Northern Fort to drink in the spectacular view of the Old City and again to visit the potters’ district‚ then we continue on round the ramparts‚ stopping again at the Tomb of the Merinide Kings‚ where once again there is an unforgettable view over the white city. 

Free dinner and overnight accommodation at the hotel.

Day 5 : Fez - Beni Mellal - Marrakesh (494km)

After an early breakfast‚ drive to  Beni Mellal via Ifrane and Immouzzer‚ travelling through the famous forests of cedars and oaks.

The road winds up through the  majestic cedars‚ reaching an altitude of 2000 m.  Some of the trees are up to 60m high and the girth of their trunks can be up to 2m.

They are inhabited by wild monkeys; This is the longest part of the journey‚ and we stop for free lunch in Beni Mellal‚ the main town of the province and surrounded by natural springs. Then continue on our way to Marrakesh for free dinner and overnight accommodation in the hotel.

Day 6: Marrakesh

After breakfast‚ the day is spent exploring the Red City‚ or Pearl of the Desert as it is also known‚. In the morning‚ there is a visit to the Bahia and Dar Si Said‚ some of the most sumptuous palaces in the kingdom‚ and the splendid Menara and Agdal gardens‚ renowned for their ancient irrigation systems.Return to the hotel for lunch (free) and a relaxing afternoon around the swimming pool.

The late afternoon is the best time to see Jemaa El Fna Square‚ a UNESCO World Heritage Site since May 2001. Magical moments when we discover the heart and soul of Marrakesh alive with acrobats‚ snake charmers and musicians beneath the rays of the setting sun. Free Evening meal and overnight accommodation at the hotel.

Day 7: Marrakesh

After breakfast we learn something of the culture and history of Morocco by visiting the Merdersa ben Youssef or the Museum of Marrakesh‚ with stroll through the bazaars for a complete change of scene.

Optional  lunch in a Moorish Palace in the heart of the Old City. After lunch ‚ visit the tombs of the Saadian Kings before touring the ramparts and visiting the famous forest of palm trees. Overnight accommodation in the hotel.

Day 8: Departure

After check out‚ you will be transported to the airport at Marrakech for your return flight home. This concludes the services of Global International Tours


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