Introduction to Traditional Moroccan Crafts

The richness of Morocco’s traditional crafts is self-evident. The maallem or master craftsmen perform marvels with their hands‚ often without patterns or written instructions to follow. 

We offer you the chance to discover pottery‚ tadelakht (a type of highly polished limestone and marble surface)‚ painted wood‚ carved plasterwork and rugs are made‚ all in the company of the craftsmen themselves.

Gardens of Marrakesh

Escorted by an expert‚ we explore Marrakesh and get to know the city through its gardens and natural history. 

We begin with the celebrated Palmeraie‚ of course‚ and then pass on to the Menara‚ Agdal and Majorelle gardens‚ the superb rose gardens of the Koutoubia‚ the tile factories of Marrakesh‚ the gardens of the Mamounia hotel and the French Consul’s official residence.

Discovering Moroccan Cuisine

One of the top three cuisines of the world‚ Moroccan cuisine is complex‚ varied‚ refined and extremely flavoursome. 

Allow yourself to be guided through our markets and our kitchens before sampling the dishes we are shown.In the magnificent surroundings of a palace that has been transformed into a traditional restaurant‚ a Moroccan chef will demonstrate the skills that allow him to produce exquisite Moroccan dishes.

Christmas market in Marrakech

Global International Tours offers you to go Christmas shopping in the colours of Morocco. Take advantage of the diversity of the marrakchi workshop and find out jewels‚ carpets‚ potteries and tissues‚ as well as international brands that are also available there. 

You will also be given the chance to discover the new Moroccan design enjoying a rapid boom‚ which will propose you all what you need concerning interior decoration.


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